Art Vital - Studio Of Fine Arts

    The Art Vital Fine Arts Studio was established in 2002 by Ozden Orgen who has been teaching art for 24 years.


 Ozden Orgen (Art teacher)

    In our studio, situated in NARLIDERE - IZMIR, there are currently painting, sculpture and music workshops taking place. There are also opportunities for oil painting for adults, drawing and imaginary perspective studies for those who will study fine arts. . For children, the concept of "studio improvement through art for children" is applied at THE ART STUDIO FOR CHILDREN. This program includes painting and ceramics, outdoor painting in historical and touristic settings or in the countryside, with history and art excursions supported by studies in mime, theatre and dance, - all in a friendly atmosphere.

Exhibitions and music activities take place at various times during the year. The goal is to appreciate the intention and effort of people from every age group within art activities and to share knowledge and experience with each other.

    During 2003 and 2004, our lovely children were honored with 223 different awards by local and international organizations in different countries, such as FEROM, Poland, India, The Czech Republic etc. We are proud of this achievement which has encouraged us to share  our work and enthusiasm with more and more people.

Outdoor activities In the historical bazaar “KIZLARAGASI HANI”

2003, Culture Centre of Balcova municipality.

Exhibition: "Children are free"

2003, Ataturk Cultural Centre of Narlidere municipality.

Exhibition: "Children are free"

2004, Ataturk Museum of Izmir

Exhibition: "Ataturk’s children"

2005, Ozdilek Shopping Centre Of Inciralti

Exhibition: "Dance of colors"

2004, Ozdilek Shopping Centre Of Inciralti

Exhibition: "Dream travelers"

Art Vital Studio Of Fine Arts was invited to join the  International Competition and Exhibition of  "The Small Montmarte Of Bitola 2003" and "The Small Montmarte Of Bitola 2004" . We also took part in “The Small Montmarte Of Bitola Art Caravan” from  23 to 30 May 2003 with paintings produced by the children

Art Vital Studio of Fine Arts was awarded an “Honoured Distinction” for their outstanding achievement in programs organized in Poland and The Czech Republic’s painting competition: VI. Children And Youth's International Art Contest "The Child And The Dog"
Advanced studio workshops are held in painting, sculpture and graphics. In Art Vital participants are among the ones who will be attending Fine Arts Schools and Faculties, as well as those who want to improve at any age.